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I’m Kelly Wilde Miller, and for over a decade, I’ve been on an incredible personal re-wilding journey to rediscover and reclaim my true, essential nature.

If you’re a seeker on the meandering path of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and dharmic alignment, then feel free to cozy up in this little corner of the web for a while.

This newsletter and the Wild on Purpose Podcast are dedicated to exploring the concept and journey of human re-wilding.

In both the newsletter and podcast, we delve into:

  • Intuitive awareness ~ Learn to reconnect with and trust your inner wisdom, allowing it to guide you on your journey (listen: Olivia Broughton)

  • Boundless joy ~ Rediscover the simple pleasures of life and nurture a sense of wonder and gratitude (listen: Carmen Ganne)

  • Fierce creativity ~ Unleash your creative spirit and express your unique talents and passions (listen: Vix Anderton)

  • Authentic expression ~ Embrace your true self and confidently share your gifts with the world (listen: Jenny Lee)

  • Living in tune with nature ~ Reestablish your connection with the natural world and understand our inherent role within it (listen: Brooks Barron)

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Meet Kelly Wilde Miller

For many years I felt profoundly lost. Especially when it came to my career. I knew I was meant for something creative and unique to me— something only I could bring to the world.

The search for dharmic alignment led me to opt out of the ‘default path’ in the USA and break free from the paradigms of success that I was handed. For most of my 20’s, I hopped jobs and wandered around the world. I sought support from healers, coaches, energy workers, gurus, and plant medicines.

I wish I could say it was “one thing” that led me home to myself and my purpose, but as my yoga teacher once said:

The cause of any one thing is, everything

Through the years, I experienced a gradual healing and transformation. I call this journey: my path of ‘re-wilding.’

By stripping away the layers of conditioning and questioning the very identity structures that I had built my life around, I came home — home to my essential nature, creative self-expression, and intuitive, sensual body.

Wild on Purpose is my creative playground and my first meaningful contribution to the world, where I share these findings with you. This is my passion project, so to speak (and an excuse to meet like-spirited people on the path).

Professionally, I’m a Cyclical Creativity Advisor. I’m driven to help leaders and creatives align their dharmic work with natural cycles, such as menstrual, lunar, and the four seasons.

To this aim, I’m creating technological solutions to live more cyclically and a group transformation program in mid-2023. If this area interests you, consider subscribing to my other newsletter:

(coming soon).

Personally, I'm married to a fellow podcaster, Jonny, from

and am a passionate puppy mom to an English Golden Retriever. The 3 of us wild ones currently call Boulder, Colorado, our home (see pic below) 🏔️🐾

If you’d like to chat, come hang out with me on Twitter at @kellycwilde

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Stay wild, cyclical, and curious! Xx

~ Kelly

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Kelly Wilde Miller

Re-Wilding Guide & Cyclical Creativity Explorer // Host of the Wild on Purpose Podcast // Undomesticated Housewife & Puppy Mom Rooting Down in Colorado, USA