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Wow. Thank you so much for sharing so openly and beautifully Kelly. The very fact you're standing here today sharing this story with curiosity, compassion and appreciation for your younger self is a testament to the strength of your character — life could have easily taken you on a very different path to the one you're on today.

You've touched on a hugely pertinent topic around rites of passage and also given me a mirror to see some of my experiences during early-adulthood differently and with a bit more appreciation for how they helped me explore and push the edges of my being. So much love 💙

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Thank you, Ocean! I'm glad this offered a mirror to your young adulthood experiences. Whatever those experiences were, I'm sure they stemmed from a place of seeking belonging, authenticity and aliveness. The ways in which we expressed back then were really just symptoms of our culture and times. May we embrace our inner rebellious ones and their thirst for something new ❤️‍🔥

Big love and wild hugs to you! Xx

~ K

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Dear Kelly,

Thank you for sharing your story with such vulnerably and courage.

Humbly, you may have "slipped through the cracks of the young American Dream" to land on your own dream.


With deep admiration,


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Thank you, Rodrigo! Yes, I actually believe that we are all meant to find our own dreams and that we must venture off the well-beaten path in order to do so. Slipping through the cracks of the default path was a blessing in disguise. If I could go back in time and tell 17 yo me anything, it'd be: "this is the best thing that could happen to you, embrace it fully, go find yourself and live the life you truly want."

Thank you for reading and sharing my work 🙏


~ Kelly

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