Dear Kelly and Brooks,

Your conversation felt like home.

Each of your sentences resonated deeply.

From feeling lost and a desire for community to meet you at your depth, to the tug of war between the old and what’s to come and surrender.

Like being with long-time friends.

With profound humility and gratitude,


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Thank you, Rodrigo, for this beautiful and honest feedback. It sounds like we are walking similar journeys, which I sense is why we sounded like old friends. I'm glad that connection came through this conversation with Brooks and I wish you the best on your journey.

Have you done a quest with Animas or any similar style experience? It truly was a before-after type adventure for me.



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Dear Kelly,

Your message reflects your kindness and large-heartedness.

Thank you for being you.

While you and Brooks introduced me to Animas, my personal experience reflects much of your conversation.

Grateful to have stumbled upon this gift you created for us.

With profound humility,


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