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Thank you so much for offering and sharing your book, Kelly! I'm so excited to dive into it. And thank you for sharing your dragon-embroidered jeans story; it's one that I resonate with deeply.

I realized, and accepted, the other night that I've been dimming my light around my family all my life in order to belong - and your story is such a sign of encouragement. That I'm on the right path, and that I'm into something.

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Hi Christina! You are so welcome ☺️ And you are definitely onto something with that realization. It's all too common that we dim our light within our family in order to be accepted, safe and secure with them. Unfortunately, most family's have unconscious agreements to play small with each other to not "rock the boat" and keep everyone else comfortable. Stepping into your light will probably make some people uncomfortable, but ultimately, you are coming back home to yourself. And that is where true peace, safety and joy exist. I'm cheering you on! Xo

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