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04. Ian MacKenzie on Tamera: The Village of Lovers Documentary

04. Ian MacKenzie on Tamera: The Village of Lovers Documentary

Documentary Filmmaker, Creative Mentor, Podcast Host and Love Activist ~ Ian comes on for a quick preview of his new, ground-breaking documentary

Hello, Wild Ones ~

Ian MacKenzie, documentary filmmaker and love activist, joins Kelly for a quick 30-minute 'wild card episode' to discuss his groundbreaking film project, Tamera: The Village of Lovers.

In this conversation, Ian shares why Tamera, a Peace Research and Education Center in Portugal, is a revolutionary model for Eros-based community living in a post-pandemic world — and what we can all learn from them regardless of where, how or with whom we choose to live. 

This episode is both a teaser for the film as well as an invitation to attend a 2-day immersive screening this upcoming weekend, December 3-4, called Reimagining Village. The weekend will feature interactive Q+A's with the filmmakers and exploratory sessions on Eros, Activism, Village and Partnership with speakers such as Sabine Lichtenfels, Aida Shibli and Charles Eisenstein. You can purchase tickets here

If you're unable to attend this weekend, then stay tuned for the global release of Tamera: Village of Lovers in Spring 2023.

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The 'Wild Card Episodes' on the Wild on Purpose Podcast are intentional deviations from our usual programming. These episodes are raw, unedited, and usually time-sensitive but still fit under the WoP mission to advance our individual and collective re-wilding. When watching or listening, please excuse any sound quality problems, rough cuts, and lack of formal introduction. 



This episode was created by Kelly Wilde Miller (@kellycwilde), host of the Wild on Purpose Podcast and Newsletter. Special gratitude to Jabriel AlSuhaimi for the post-production editing.

Wild on Purpose by Kelly Wilde Miller
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