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08. Vix Anderton ~ Overcoming Perfectionism, Embracing Wholeness & Knowing You're Enough

08. Vix Anderton ~ Overcoming Perfectionism, Embracing Wholeness & Knowing You're Enough

Authenticity and Productivity Coach for Recovering Perfectionists, Author and Speaker ~ Vix sheds light on the hidden internal experience of perfectionism while bringing us back into our wholeness

Hello Wild Ones ~

In this episode, we dive deep into the topic of perfectionism, exploring its roots, how it affects our lives, and ways to overcome it by embracing wholeness. Today’s guest, Vix Anderton (@vix_anderton) is an Authenticity and Productivity Coach for recovering perfectionists and the author of ‘Enough: an Imperfect Antidote to Perfectionism’ (one of my favorite reads from the last year).

She is also one of my personal and professional mentors. Through our work together, I was able to stabilize my nervous system and sustainably launch this podcast and untether myself from the grips of perfectionism, which she describes as a survival strategy that runs rampant in modern society.

We explore the importance of recognizing our natural cycles, finding alignment within our bodies, and cultivating a compassionate and curious approach to personal transformation. Vix shares her journey toward self-discovery and authenticity by exploring the modalities of Authentic Relating, Cyclical Living, and Embodiment.

Discover the ‘5 Flavors of Perfectionism’ and how embracing our innate wholeness will lead to a life of profound creativity, untethered self-expression, and meaningful connections with others.

5 Show Highlights ~

  • Overcoming perfectionism ~ Vix shares her journey towards self-discovery and the practices that have helped her break free from the grip of perfectionism.

  • Embracing natural cycles ~ Learn how recognizing and aligning with our body's natural rhythms can increase authenticity, productivity, and overall well-being.

  • Cultivating self-compassion ~ Discover the importance of responding to ourselves with curiosity and kindness rather than blame, shame, or judgment.

  • Surrendering control and embracing agency ~ Explore the power that arises from accepting the things we cannot change and focusing on where we have influence and creativity in our lives.

  • Fostering a deeper connection with emotions ~ Uncover the value of befriending our emotions and using them as a source of genuine self-expression, leading to a more balanced and joyful existence.

And much more! This conversation meant a lot for me to record, as Vix was a huge component of my ability to launch this podcast in the fall of 2022. If something we discuss stirs something alive in you, leave a comment for one or both of us, plus share it with someone in your life.



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Wild on Purpose by Kelly Wilde Miller
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