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07. Conni Biesalski ~ Return to the Body, Befriend Emotions & Create As You Are

07. Conni Biesalski ~ Return to the Body, Befriend Emotions & Create As You Are

Breathwork Teacher, Author, Storyteller and Creative Mentor from Germany ~ Conni reveals the pivotal moments along her journey weaving personal healing with creative self-expression.

Hello, Wild Ones ~

Conni Biesalski (@connibiesalski) is the founder of Breathwork Alchemy, author, storyteller and creative mentor. Her course, Create As You Are, helped me along my own creative journey to get unstuck and begin sharing my ideas with the world from a place of self-love.

Conni bridges the two worlds of creativity and personal healing — seeing a potent overlap between the two. In this conversation, we explore a wide range of topics that touch on both, including birth trauma and attachment woundings, somatic psychotherapy and breathwork, the nervous system and its relationship to creativity, the personal journey of becoming ‘embodied,’ and the immediate healing benefits of coming out as your authentic self.

She hails from a small town in Bavaria, Germany, and has traveled the world extensively as a photographer, writer, surfer, and yogi. She now lives along the Portugal coast with her fiancé and puppy.

As a bonus, if you listen until the end, you’ll hear Conni’s perspective on raising a puppy with secure attachment and nervous system attunement 🐶 (which Jonny and I are learning every day with our puppy, Lola).

Conversation Highlights:

  • Her perspective on why we become disconnected from our bodies and struggle to feel our emotions fully

  • Her life-changing & profoundly healing moment of coming out as a gay woman and fiercely honoring herself

  • Her journey as an online creator and how the need to express ourselves and be seen online could be a symptom of unhealed childhood trauma

  • Her take on the idea of ‘Creative Dysregulation’ and the intimacy between our nervous system and creativity

  • Coming into secure attachment through intimate partnership while healing anxious and avoidant attachment strategies and breaking the cycle of toxic relationships

And so much more! This was a really potent episode with some profound honesty and deep-dive explorations. If it resonates with you, please leave a comment, subscribe, and share it with the wild ones in your life.



This episode was created by Kelly Wilde Miller (@kellycwilde), host of the Wild on Purpose Podcast and Newsletter. Special gratitude to Jabriel AlSuhaimi for the post-production editing.

Wild on Purpose by Kelly Wilde Miller
Wild on Purpose
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