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05. Paul Millerd ~ The Pathless Path, Re-Imagining Work & Cultivating Illegible Ambition

05. Paul Millerd ~ The Pathless Path, Re-Imagining Work & Cultivating Illegible Ambition

Writer, Author & Curious Thinker ~ Paul helps us envision a life that goes beyond the 'default path' of work, success and money

Hello, Wild Ones ~

Paul Millerd (@p_millerd) and I share a passion for creating our own paths in life — passions born from the discomfort of initially following other people’s paths and then fortified by the aliveness that comes from following our intuition.

Paul left the ‘default path’ a few years ago and discovered what he truly wanted in life by allowing himself to travel and wander aimlessly. A former scholastic and career high-achiever, Paul eventually learned how to stoke the flame of his own curiosity, listen to his intuition and align his work and life with something much deeper inside himself.

Today, Paul is the author of the successfully self-published book, The Pathless Path, which offers an incredibly practical roadmap and series of perspectives that can help us live well and come more fully alive. He also writes a weekly newsletter

to help you reimagine your relationship with work.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Paul’s journey through scholastic & career high achievement and the courageous choice to leave it all behind

  • Advice for those who want to take a break from their career and reconsider their life path — plus how to do so without a financial buffer

  • How to leave the conventional path — or the ‘default path’ — of success, work & money and forge your own ‘pathless path’ while contending with the reactions of friends, family and colleagues

  • Discovering your own 'illegible ambition' — which is ambition you can't really explain or understand (especially to your parents) yet you know is right for you

  • Learning to follow your intuition, sense of aliveness and non-productive desires to ultimately find yourself — plus the magic of 'wandering'

And much more! If you enjoy this episode and something resonates with you, please leave a comment and share it with the curious, boundless, wild ones in your life.



This episode was created by Kelly Wilde Miller (@kellycwilde), host of the Wild on Purpose Podcast and Newsletter. Special gratitude to Jabriel AlSuhaimi for the post-production editing.

Wild on Purpose by Kelly Wilde Miller
Wild on Purpose
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