Apr 4 • 1HR 34M

09. Carmen Ganne ~ The Art of Being Human: A Journey of Breathwork and Reclaiming our Sensual Nature

Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher, Legacy Mentor, Mystic & Mama ~ Carmen takes us on a beautiful journey through the art, science and spiritual nature of the breath

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Kelly Wilde Miller
The Wild on Purpose Podcast is a destination for those deeply committed to knowing themselves. Together, we uncover the mysteries behind the human experience and how we may return to our essential nature. The show blends depth of inquiry with lightness and practicality so listeners may take inspired action in their own lives. We cover a wide-range of topics including mindset, peak performance, spirituality, integrated healing, psychedelics, business and relationships. Kelly is here to bring a raw, intuitive and unfiltered approach to to individual and collective storytelling.
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"The journey of my life is how to be wild within my body and at home in my body at the same time." ~ Carmen Ganne

Hello, Wild Ones ~

Carmen Ganne (@carmenganne) is the founder of Soul Luxury Breathwork and a passionate mentor to breathwork leaders around the world. She joins the show to discuss conscious connected breathwork and how we may cultivate a greater relationship with life through an intentional relationship with the breath.

We discuss our shared backgrounds of mental and emotional health challenges, the destructive behaviors that helped us feel alive, and how we eventually came back home to ourselves, our sovereignty, and our paths of cultivating well-being.

She explains the concept of conscious connected breathwork, which involves exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness and re-patterning the physiological way that we breathe so new possibilities can open up in our lives. We open up about the spiritual side of breathwork and how intentionally being with our breath can help us come into deep trust and belief in ourselves, as well as the full consent to be here — on this Earth, in our bodies, and in the exact lives that we’re living.

Carmen says that ‘the art of being human is luxury for the soul’ and that when we honor our bodies as temples, we see them as home for the divine, we return to our fully alive sensual nature, and we honor our choice to be here at this time while celebrating the remarkable diversity of people and connections in our lives.

A few show highlights ~

  • How re-patterning the physiological way that we breathe can open up new possibilities in our lives and behaviors

  • The spiritual side of breathwork and exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness as a means for connecting with the divine

  • Reclaiming our sensual nature so that we may honor our bodies as temples for creation

  • Welcoming all aspects of ourselves back home, including those we view as “dark,” so that we may truly belong to ourselves and reclaim our wholeness

  • How breathwork prepared Carmen for becoming a mother, navigating birth, and stepping more deeply into her purpose

And much more. This is definitely the most beautiful conversation for the Wild on Purpose Podcast thus far. I hope it stirs something alive in you. If so, please leave a comment and share it with the wild ones in your life.



This episode was created by Kelly Wilde Miller (@kellycwilde), host of the Wild on Purpose Podcast and Newsletter. Special gratitude to Jabriel AlSuhaimi for the post-production editing.